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Do New members have zero chance of making sales on fiverr


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I am a relatively new user but was attracted by the success story and the reputation of Fiverr. I published two gigs so far, and they dont even appear anywhere near the first 10 pages of fiverr. I think my gigs are cool but as a new seller i feel fiverr is over saturated and i have no way of selling anything here, because people wont even see my gigs, talkless of buy them.

i would hope the fiverr team can create options where we can pay to feature our gigs and give newer members a chance to start off positively.

just sharing my thougts and will like to hear from others.

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I’ve been a member 23 days or so and I have had over 20 total orders (some are on-going right now). The area I work in is also extremely saturated. You have to research why other sellers offering the same services as you are successful, take a leaf out of their book. Also a lot of great tips are right here on this forum.

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Guest az_designer12

You have to be patient on fiverr to get some orders.

I had joined fiverr on 19th July 2015 and created my 1st gig with a hope of earning some money from fiverr. I was eagerly waiting for my 1st order or 1 message for my gig. But unfortunately I didn’t received any messages or order from buyer.

On 2nd day again I was excited that today is the day when I will get my 1st order or atleast a message. I used to check my inbox after every 5 minutes. But everytime I was disappointed by seeing not a single message or order was there.

With each passing day I was losing hope and the only think which was in my mind was to quit. But dont know why I just continued to be on fiverr.

On 22nd August 2015 that is exactly after 34 days after joining fiverr I received a message from a buyer.

The message was " Will you be able to design 45 business cards for my company and all business card should be different from the other"

And my 1 gig is for 1 business card so that means I received 45 orders at the same time.

The buyer was very happy with my work and gave 50$ as a token of appreciation

So in one day I got 55 orders 🙂

And today I received another 10 orders for business cards.

Now I am happy that In 2 days I have completed 65 orders with 100% ratings

So wait for your moment 🙂

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