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Need help with raising prices on my video gigs


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Hello everyone,

I am level 2 seller here, and pretty happy with my Fiverr works. There’s somethings I do not understand so, regarding to my pricing. I have almost 100 5 stars reviews, I follow all the tips that are possible for me to go one, which is basically be nice, excellent work, good descriptions, video descriptions, portfolio display, etc… the only thing I don’t do is fast delivering, because I kinda have a busy family life and I sometimes need to be at home instead at work.

My work is sincerely worth it, I do work hard for people to be 100% satisfied and it’s written everywhere on my reviews. But I really have a hard time going to 50$ gigs.

I often look at all the advises here and I do follow it all. I often see people saying they sell for thousand dollars… how do you do this guys? I don’t understand. I can have up to 10 or even 15 hours on a job, for 25$ it’s really not possible go keep going on.

So my question is :

Should I raise the price to it’s real value and just wait for some clients, or go on cheap prices and just let it go?

Am I too nice to people? I mean sometimes I buy here so I know not everyone is as kind as I am, maybe I am just too friendly? IDK !

Is it really because of fast delivery? It’s the only thing I don’t do… 😕

You can have a look at my gigs and reviews, maybe you will help me understand this. I can see my descriptions have many hits, but maybe there’s something that do not make people chose my gigs? I also have tried to explain to clients that for 50$ they have unlimited revisions, logo animation included, and that I’m sure (because I work hard for it) that they will have 100% satisfaction, still, they want 20 or 25$ max videos, not more.

Thanks for your ideas, I’m looking for Fiverr to be my main work this year. Let’s go ! o/

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Each gig will take about 100 deliveries to get it off the ground. Then you will have some options to tweak pricing. Tweaking too early will really slow sales.

You could consider focusing on complete turn-key products for business owners. This will allow you to handle complete videos for people who will be able to leverage your product to make money. If the client can make money off of your video, they will value the work higher and will pay more for it.

The value of a product is determined by the customer’s perceived value. Not by how much time it takes to make it.

There are things I can do that I don’t offer as a service because it takes longer to do it than it is worth to the customer.

Message me and we can talk in more detail. Good luck with your gigs!

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Thank you Landon ! Indeed, you’re right, the best sales I’ve done are with companies, making a real business out of my work. I have kept gig starting at 5$ for other clients : of course, my pleasure is ALSO to give a super job for people who doesn’t have a big budget for this type of videos. But after a while, it’s really hard to adjust… I think I’m at this very point where I have to handle this carefully.

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