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[game] Let's create the longest- infinite Fiverr Story


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Hello guys!

I think that mostly here we are people with good imagination and creativity! So let’s just write a meaningful and infinite story related to Fiverr. Every one must quote and continue the story from above, just keep going, keep it alive,funny, dramatic, or even fiction…just put your footprint in this story!

Here the beginning:

"That day was a strange day!, it was heavily raining. John woke up early today, and the first think that he did was to read some of his loved blogs! of course about how to make money! He scrolled down to read some comments, a lot of spam as usual. everything seemed as a deja vu! but one comment was different… it was short! it said: for real money guys only Fiverr!

It is up to you now! 😃


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