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Early level 1? Not sure if it's a bug


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I know most people post that they’ve got a certain level in “STORIES”, but I’m not sure I should have gotten it yet.

So, I’ve been here for about a month and a half, met only nice people and haven’t yet had a bad experience personally. I got 8 orders in the first month. Didn’t get an order for about 15 days, and then yesterday I finally got 1.

It was an order to proofread a 8300 words short book. They left the instructions and I replied, and I will copy paste:

“Hello, thanks for ordering.

Do you want me to use Track Changes? Also, it has 8300 words. The gig you ordered is for 5000. If you are low on budget, I don’t mind doing the 3k extra, but how fast do you need it?”

-They replied that they needed it by Monday and ordered another gig without any problems. However, they didn’t leave any “instructions” and I am unable to deliver. I have dropped a message to do so and used the “nudge” thing, but still waiting for a reply on that. Meanwhile, I delivered the whole thing inside the first gig ( finished) in 5 hours 12 minutes and some seconds. Stressing the ‘DELIVERED’. Hasn’t been marked as completed and I still have the second order open.

Then earlier today, I got another order from a person for who I had I already done a project once before. This time it was to proofread around 5300 words. I delivered it in about 2 hours and still waiting for it to be marked as complete. This too, has only been DELIVERED, not marked as completed.

In short, I was at 8 completed orders when I got 3 more. 2 have been delivered and the 3rd is still left for ‘instructions’ without the clock ticking or me being able to deliver. I have sent them both messages to reply with any questions before marking it as complete. So I wonder, why did I get the Level 1 badge already? Shouldn’t I “complete 10 individual orders”?

Well, I’m not saying I dislike the level 1 badge next to my picture and the extra options for my gigs, but I’m just wondering if it’s a bug that I got it? I wouldn’t mind it removed until I get feedback from the buyers 🙂

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Reply to @kay2809: Haha, not that I minded it, was just worried what would have happened if they decided to cancel. Wouldn’t have liked getting the badge before I deserved it or having it removed soon after getting it. Luckily, it didn’t take too long before I got the orders marked as completed and reviewed 😃

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