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Thank You Fiverr For Turning My Dreams Into Realities

Guest mohsinraza50

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Guest mohsinraza50

Hi folks!

I just turned 1 on Fiverr and wanted to post my story. It has been an exquisite year for me on Fiverr and I just can’t thank enough. I came across this website back in July '14 when I was frustrated of not having enough cash to spend. It was pretty frustrating not to do anything with ease and asking for money from dad every now and then.

I googled ways to make money and came across freelancing websites including Fiverr. I chose Fiverr as it seemed more compelling, easier to work with and less complicated. I read about Fiverr, went through different forums, joined Fiverr groups on Facebook etc. to get information. After adequate information I went ahead and made my first gig.

It took me a week, I guess, to have my first order. The buyer was so happy with my service that he ordered three times the same day and I had my three 5-star reviews. This was when I thought I could really pull it off. Next 14 days were the worst. Everyday I wished I get another order but not even one came through. It was on 15th day that I got an order of $30 (which is verrrrrry overwhelming) and that was the point that I never looked back.

I delivered orders within hours and gave my 100% every single time. I made new gigs, modified old ones and learned new things just for the sake of Fiverr. After one year, I’m so happy that I take care of all my expenses through Fiverr. This can not get any better for me. In the past year, I have spent on many different things. Buying a new smartphone, getting a new smartwatch, apparels, gifting smartphones to my mother and elder brother on their birthdays, going on a trip with friends etc… And this is just from the top of my head. The best part: I invited my friends to Fiverr too and introduced them to it. One friend of mine has actually surpassed me on Fiverr and I really feel proud.

Putting it all simply, I just want to say that always believe in yourself. Work hard and work with passion. Passion is the one that drives you. Nothing else can. Fiverr made my life way more colorful than it ever was. Every single time I need money and asking my father seems awkward, Fiverr helps me out. Of course there are ups and downs for me on Fiverr. Some days I get orders, some days I don’t. Doesn’t mean I should stop improving and devoting my time to it. Self improvement is an on-going process and one should really learn more everyday.

Thank you Fiverr for this new way of life. Looking forward to another great year with Fiverr.

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