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My Fiverr Journey!


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Well, thank you for giving me a little bit of your time! I just wanted to share my story on Fiverr, how I began and how I reached my level. Hopefully, you’d be inspired too!

I know for a fact that that a lot of people do not believe on earning online, I was one of them until I came across Fiverr. I signed up and I posted my gig of “get featured on my blog”. I had a dying blog on Wordpress, it wasn’t maintained but it was all I had. I took the shot, I had to pay my rent and we all know London can be very expensive for students like me.

The first few days were very frustrating. I had almost next to zero views and obviously, no orders. It was only 2 weeks later when I received my first order. I was more than excited and to this date, I still owe it to him for trusting a new seller like me. After delivering my first order with utmost care, I received 2 more from the same person who was also my only customer.

He was very satisfied an left me an amazing review. It took one review and my gig began to be noticed.

I received multiple orders and I earned enough to pay for that month’s rent and to further enhance my blog. I got my own domain and now my blog is thriving, all thanks to Fiverr.

I’ve been on Fiverr since the past 4 months now and I’m currently a level 2 seller. If there was one thing I could suggest other sellers, it would be to try your best to satisfy your customers. They are the key to your success. Don’t be greedy, money will come on its own if you keep to your words and your quality high. There were times when I felt like giving up after a bad review but I realised there’s always a way through it. I’ve been blocked my Fiverr twice for misunderstandings, demoted from level 1 to no badge once but I didn’t give up. I have had cancelled orders but I’ve also had several multiple orders. To me, a satisfied customer is greater than all of the cancelled orders and negative comments all together.

As of today, I was able to buy my own plane ticket back home, funded myself for my backpacking trip to Scotland, paying my rent from my Fiverr income and so much more.

I’m far from all the other success stories that I’ve read where they’ve earned 10k and above but I’m going there. And you will too, don’t lose hope!

Mandy x

Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/mandyiary/feature-you-in-my-blog?extras=6680005

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