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The Importance Of Adding Video To Your Website


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Three decades ago I was a young guy in my twenties finding my way in life. Eventually stumbling on the tv industry and producing videos. Anyone who remembers the late 80’s beginning 90’s knows how digital video began and the problems associated with creating a video on a computer at that time.

Ironically, I made my mark as a producer and host on tv in Canada, parts of the US and Europe and now I’m currently in Asia producing tv shows! As I said 30 years ago that video will be the future of everything as it is visual. We learn more from audio and visual rather than books and newspapers.

Now, fast forward to the past few years as video continues to surge in it’s economic and social value in our personal and business life. How can we live without video!

Today, many so called SEO experts may not tell you is that video is superior in the ranking of your website on the internet. If you have a video or two on your website you will rank higher on google and other search engines than a static website that only has pictures.

Producing a simple introduction for your website or news style report can be a huge benefit with your credibility and your ranking. With the costs of producing simple videos extremely low, everyone should be lining-up to have their video produced.

Of course, there are professionals and there are amateurs. Don’t be disappointed when you order a video on fiverr. Having the best quality and having a professional video is the key to your success and more profits.

I’m happy to help the fiverr community with my 26 years of experience in the broadcast industry and hope that buyers make the right choice the first time. As with many buyers, you will come back for more!

You can visit my gigs here to see more: http://fiverr.com/edume

Samples on http://www.youtube.com/edumevideo and http://www.youtube.com/infonetcast

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