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Warning - do not click links in forum - phishing attempt


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Fake user(s) have been putting up posts signed as Fiverr staff and offering links as so-called alternate Fiverr login pages.

Fiverr will never use the forum and give out shortened links that are official Fiverr login pages. These are malicious phishing and/or infected sites. The forum moderators (sheriff’s) and administrators also will never ask you to log in through a shortened link. No matter how convincing they sound and no matter the reason they give, do not click on these.

We understand that it is easy to panic, especially if you have orders due, but contact Customer Support only through the Fiverr.com domain. To log in to your account use ONLY the standard Fiverr domain. No matter what, it is not worth risking the loss of your account and revenues. Phishers may attempt to claim they are staff or moderators and they may appear convincing but do not fall for it.

If you have clicked on a suspicious link and especially if you put in your Fiverr credentials, the first thing to do is to see if the main Fiverr domain is up, try logging in to your account and change your password.

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If you see a golden star alongside a username here, it indicates that the moderator is a ‘sheriff’. An admin (who does the same job, but has slightly more editing functions) has a grey ‘Fi’ as in the Fiverr logo and finally some staff members contribute to posts and they will have the familiar green ‘f’ circle . There’s often a text description of our roles too - ‘product manager’ etc.- See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/70272/moderation-on-the-forum/p1#sthash.MoYEWkHu.dpuf take note that phishers may still try to impersonate actual staff/mods.

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