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Please don't make buying progress a pain


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First, I needed a costumed song and I found a seemingly good seller and made an order. It was a basic $5 but I did specific that if it should be more, just let me know. He missed the deadline and I need to wait for 24hrs before I could do anything, according to Fiverr. During that time he did log in and delivered his other orders. After that 24hrs he sent me a message saying he would deliver that day. So I waited another 24hrs to get nothing, and I canceled.

It’s not a rush work, and as a seller myself I would have understood and waited a little more if only he kept his works. I really don’t understand this since his communication was really good, and was one of the reason I chose him in the first place.

Then I posted a request. After receiving about 8 offers, I decided to pause it and again search for a suitable seller myself. I never thought buying could be such an annoying experience! I mean, as a seller, we usually have to try to please the customer, but as a buyer, shouldn’t it be the other way around? That sellers would try to please us? Apparently not.

So here’re some tips if you do intend to please your buyers and provide a good service. (Mostly this is about writing service since I have only tried this)

  • If you’re offering writing service, make sure you’re able to write.

    I don’t know why some sellers don’t seem to know the basic of English and still make writing gigs: writing article, writing song lyrics, writing blog…Do they really think anyone would order?

  • So your gig description is in good or even perfect English, then try to keep the same with your messages.

    I found some good gigs, but when I messaged to ask if they could do the job, I got these kind of answers “… 🙂 Yea… Definitely I can do this for u… Please be kind to send me the links… also which have u sing and wrote 🙂 Thank u so much :)”

    To be honest, the English itself here isn’t terrible, but the writing style, the smileys…My first though was that this person keyboard has broken, at least the “dot” key, and they haven’t grown out of puberty yet. I’m not looking for teeny chatting; I’m looking for professional work!

  • Ah professional…be professional!

    Especially when you’re a Top rate seller. Thanks to the “response rate” Fiverr added recently, I honorably received a short message asking for more detail. When I gave more details they never replied. If it wasn’t the fear of “response rate” affecting their status, I wouldn’t have got any answer in the first place. A simple “Sorry I can’t do it” would be appreciated.

    And no I wasn’t looking for cheap work, I came to Top rate seller because I wanted quality and professionalism. (After the first incidence with a not-top-rate)

  • Be polite.

    If I post a request and you send an offer, it’s you who come to me and want to work with me, not the other way around. I know sometimes you can’t offer the gig you want because it’s in a different catalog; or the gig doesn’t cover the job requested, but you’re able to do it…many reasons and you can always write them down along with the offer. Don’t just simply click the button!

    I also had people offered singing gig for my writing request. I just assumed they can do the job, since they’re singer/musician… I messaged and asked if they can do it, then got a reply which I deleted right away. It was something along the line “I need more detail because I’m not like some others here just take whatever without knowing what it is.” There’re many polite ways to ask for more details and this isn’t one of those, especially when they’re offering service to me and not that I come to peg them to do the job.

  • Ah, begging…just don’t!

    A person answered and after seeing that message with all the smileys, I didn’t reply. I intended to send a reject messages to all other sellers after I find the right one.

    About 1hr later they messaged me and asked me to buy their gig so they could start working.

    Two other sellers messaged me after I sent the reject message. That makes three in total. Honestly, two of them are new sellers but the last one is level 1, and has around 30 reviews already.

  • Do not spam! And if you decide to do so, be smart!

    This isn’t related to my song writing experience, though. And also isn’t about those Nigeria prince who is sending out millions $.

    Someone contacted me and offered me the same service I’m providing on Fiverr.

    I know some sellers look at competitors’ gigs and spam their previous buyers with message like “hi I saw you buying x gig, I offer similar y gig, please take a look.” But I haven’t write any review for any seller here, so the only way to find me is via my gigs/profile page, where it clearly says what I’m offering.

    If you want to sell your voice, don’t offer the service to a voice over artist. If you want to sell your drawing, don’t offer the service to a drawing artist… It’s common sense!

    In short, I have contacted all: top rated, level 2, level 1, new sellers and they all disappointed me one way or another. Certainly I finally found someone, but the progress was a pain. And if I wasn’t a seller myself, I would never try Fiverr again.
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