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I’m a new seller in fiverr. I joined fiverr last jully 8th and did 198 orders within a month. I was promoted to level one. I have 129 5 stars ratings and one negative which was posted by a seller. I find it unfair.

Here are my list of points against the feedback :

  1. The buyer didn’t contact me before placing the order
  2. Instructions were not sufficent.
  3. Buyer didn’t respond until the order was completed
  4. Buyer rejected modifications or new logos.
  5. Buyer rejected refunding
  6. Buyer came after 2 weeks after rejecting refunds or and modifications and posts a negative feedback.

    Everything was done as requested. Please help me out. My rating went down too 99%

    You can have a look at my work and the review of my buyers.


    Please help me out! Thank you!
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A big challenge for fiverr seller is getting negative ratings from buyer. It just spoil seller gigs as well as his base ratings. I found many fiverr seller who completed thousands of jobs without any negative ratings. How is it possible? Definitely their service quality is top notch. But is this the only thing? I think no. With better services you need good communication skills. I found many seller who remove there negative ratings from there gigs. But how? Here is some tips.

  1. Immediately contact buyer and request him to reconsider his/her review and ratings and try to please buyer to resolve all issues.

  2. Offer him some extra services/bonus.

  3. If all of this these tricks are not working then offer him a refund. If he agree then ask him to send a removal request of the negative rating to fiverr support or do it yourself. But you need a message from you buyer that he has no objection.

  4. If all of these failed, then sorry. You have nothing to do. Try to increase your order more and more so that it doesn’t hurt your 100% rating. For example if you have 1000 good ratings and 1 or 2 bad ratings that doesn’t decrease your 100% ratings, because it’s fractional.


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I completely agree with all your suggestions except the last one. That’s the point where we need a customer support to give a fair decisions, Sometimes we get black mailed or given unfair reviews from buyers, we need the a fair customer care service to review and reason out with the buyer. and give us a fair rating. one bad apple spoils the bunch. This might lead to a loss of one’s career and years of hard work.

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It’s 2.5 stars and just says “fg”.
First you could take a screenshot of it and send to customer support.
If they can’t help you can put these points you made in a response to the feedback or as many as will fit.
I would not even have noticed that if I were looking at your gig.
You still have 5 stars overall. He said nothing at all, so no one is going to pay any attention to that.

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