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Work delivered, revised and "stolen"


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Hi there!

I had recently received an order from a client. I delivered him the video animatio and he told me to do revision after revision. I did them and finally he said that my work is worthless and if I don’t make another revision he wants his money ASAP. I gave up and refunded him because he was mean and I was sick of his attitude. After a day the video is on his website and he didn’t pay me!!!

How should we stop these situations to happen? Because it’s pitty that somebody cheats somebody else that really works! And after I asked him why the video is on his website he said that I didn’t want to revise again the video and was my choice to cancel. Oook, some people have a lot of nothing.

I respect my customers, but this one is from “no shame” category.

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If the buyer is using the video you created (and the order was cancelled, meaning the work was not purchased) you can report the Buyer to customer support for Copyright & Bad Buyer behavior. Be sure to provide screenshots and links to where it’s being used and show that the order was cancelled.

Fiverr’s Terms of Service clearly protects Sellers when work is not purchased. Sellers own all rights to eveyrthing they creative until the order is delivered and completed.

Be sure if you have not already to read up on the TOS. This will help prevent any issues from arising in the future and/or enable yourself to better understand the policies as both Buyer and Seller. Buyers will sometimes target Sellers for this naivety.

While Fiverr cannot force the Buyer to remove the video from his website, they will proceed in handling the users accordingly to their Terms of Service. Fiverr takes situations like these very seriously!

In the mean time, you can report him for copyright for his site to his sites host and contact him directly with a cease an desist letter. I can’t provide outside links, but you can Google related information and it’s processes.

You have every legal right to your creative content and their are strict fines (even jail time) to those that infindge on other peoples copyright, so don’t be afraid to take action in these regards.

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