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How to make $1000 a week every week?


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cbmoney said: how?
Selling many gigs :D

I think that there are niches in which is easier to have many sales. The less people having the ability to do what you do (and doing it great, not just doing it), the more demand it will have.

I guess artistic niches are the best, but as I say, only if you’re great at it. For example, one that has a wonderful voice and does voice-overs has something that nobody else has: his own voice.

The same thing happens when somebody is really good at drawing, making animations, etc.

On the other side is probably you and me: there are thousands of people living in Melbourne who can hand out flyers. And in my case, there are thousands of professional translators who can translate from English to Spanish. I don’t think we’ll get very rich doing our gigs, but being rich is not my goal anyway.

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My goal is $800.

I just started myself but I have faith in success as my target market is small business owners.

To make $1,000 a month it would require 250 standard gigs with no gig extras. That’s 62.5 per week and 12.5 a day if only working 5 days per week.

I think it will take having a large selection of good content but very possible with lot’s of hard work and time.

Best of luck to you and your ambitions. 🙂

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@cbmoney - This can be done if you have some gigs that are high in demand, and high on price… Logo designs and other design related gigs earn a lot on this site. Just check out the Graphics designs category. up to 790 orders in queues at all times.

Also SEO can get you there quite quickly if you have web design skills or background.

Personally, just be the best sales person out there in your category and the orders will come flying!

Good luck!

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