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Fiverr Made ME CRAZY!


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Fiverr is an addiction, people might call me Fiverr addicted. I just joined on Fiverr a few days ago. Just after creating a gig, I got an order, but due to not checking my inbox for some days I didn’t notice the order. I checked it after 3 days. OMG - I couldn’t believe that I would get an order too early. By the way I completed and sent the ordered task. I was afraid that the buyer might not accept that, no I was lucky and thank goes to the polite buyer who accepted my task. My joy felt no bounds then.

In fact I have my own blogs and other jobs and came here on Fiverr to see what happens, but I felt in love with Fiverr. Now I pass most of my time on Fiverr. I’ve alrady fancied to build my career on Fiverr. I think very soon there will be some doctors who will offer - I will treat you so that Fiverr doesn’t take most of the time!

I personally thank the owner, director and the team members who are working hard to offer us a nice and intuitive platform.

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