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Win a Fiverr Tshirt Just for Telling Us What You Think About Fiverr - On Video!


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hi, Fiverr
i love you fiverr, and you are my 1st love, and i hop you always be smile 🙂 i will very appreciate your logo look, you are very good looking. and we always respect your logo and your name.
many many best wishes to you fiverr - and you alive hundreds of years.

i am 24 hour with you fiverr . Good Night . I-)

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Although I forwarded you the link of my video message…
But here I would also write the about the third point… That is what you should improve:

  1. Add a live box on your website, so everyone can get a solution easily and quickly…
    my account restricted and was restored after 4 days of waiting
  2. You should reduce your commission from 20% to 10%… Or at least put a condition. For example if someone is ordering >$10 then commission should be less.
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I am still new to Fiverr, so I am slightly confused. I can’t distinguish a good seller from a bad one, although reviews help. But from my work, reviews are not everything.

Are there no sellers recommended by Fiverr? As in tried and trusted?


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Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: Please do not continue to post duplicates. The others were moved. According to the competition guidelines, your video shows here and you are in, so no need to ask again. It could take a long time for Fiverr to view all the videos and pick so now you need to be very patient. Thanks and good luck!

If anyone does have any trouble viewing it I found it working fine with the YouTube share link here: https://youtu.be/NhfN50gfsWQ

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