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The reason people spam or post on the wrong categories [Suggestions]

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When a member is starting a new discussion, the category selected is “tips for sellers” sometimes members spend time writing that they forget to select a category, and other sellers are just desperate they can’t wait to post their gig links to get orders they don’t select a category and end up posting on “tips for sellers”, I’ve been here for a while and even I sometimes forget to select a category…

Suggestion : when starting a new discussion, at the category drop down box make it say “Select category” and if a member forgets it should stop the posting and says you have to select a category first, this way the member will make sure he selects the right category for his post.

Second thing is that the tips for sellers category is always at the top so it gets most of traffic thats why some sellers post their gigs on it on purpose, I say the layout should be changes to something like the picture below or something similar so that all categories get the same attention and the forum will have more discussions and comments…

Thank you!


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