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3 Simple Ways to Get More Buyers to Your Website


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There a tons of reasons to like owning an e-commerce store: You do not have to pay fees, you don’t have to stick to strict rules, or feel constantly jumpy about whether your buyer can leave you honest feedback.

However, the main drawback is that, compared to different marketplaces like eBay, traffic to your web site can be very slow, particularly to start with.

This is because when most buyers go looking for an item they wish to buy online, they do a fast Google search, and click on one of the first three websites that are generated within the search results.

The trouble is, it is terribly tough to get your website ranking united of those prime three. Many web site owners spend years, and invest thousands of greenbacks on hiring search engine optimization (SEO) experts to help them get there.

But do not fret! There are some easy things you can do to urge targeted guests to your web site.

Here are my top 3 simple ways that you can begin implementing this weekend!

Just remember that it’s not the least bit typical to attain immediate results once you have implemented these steps. Instead, you’ll expect that over the following 3 months or thus, your web site will start ranking higher within the search engines (depending on how competitive your niche market is).

3 Simple Ways…

  1. Offer free and original content on your site.
  2. Optimize your meta tags and meta descriptions
  3. Optimize your keywords

    The best keywords and phrases to use are ones you think buyers will enter into a search engine when trying to find items you are selling.

    A great way to find out what buyers are searching for is to use the Google Keyword Tool. By using Google’s Keyword Tool, you can accurately pinpoint other key terms that buyers are searching for, and get some great ideas on keywords and phrases to use.

    In closing, you don’t need to buy fake traffic to your website as it will only hurt your website in the long term. Our 27 year history in video and broadcast media can be part of your future by providing the information services you need to succeed. Good luck.
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Buddy, it’s your 7th, 8th or maybe more than 10th post with already known tips.

Yeah, almost all of us know this tips and another dozens of tips since a few years, but some people are creating posts on forum with already shared content of several tens of times.

This is “a little sophisticated” spam by some sellers just in hope to get more clicks on their fiverr profile, because it’s is rumored that getting more clicks on your fiverr profile will determine the fiverr ranking algorithms to offer better positions for your gigs in fiverr searches.

I know that truth hurts almost all times, but to get really noticed, please come with some new tips (not old and obsolete tips)…

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Yes ,this true.
another way to send more real traffic to your website is sending email or newsletter template of your products. you can create awesome newsletter killer email template of your products and it send to many.Then take a look at the traffic dashboard.I think it is one of the important method of traffic generate.

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