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Starting a real Career on fiverr


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Hello dear Fiverr users. Me and my team grew up a lot in past few months .We started in early April .We had only one gig(Logo design).We received our first order just 5 days after joining in fiverr. We were so happy and motivated . When we achieved ours first possitive review we were in the heaven .Then I started reading forum posts about everything here on the forum every single day and this helps me a lot to get more and more sales on our Logo design gig. When we had around 5 possitive reviews we created two more gigs . First one was for CD Covers and the second one for Fl Studio beat .And this was one of the best decision in my life. Now we have a lot orders on this gig .We are so happy that we choose to create it and put a lot of effort in our designs . Just for 5 months we have 75 possitive reviews and more that 140 completed orders . We’ve achieved our Level 1 seller badge just 1 month after joining fiverr and we were at 100% sure that we will continue working in fiverr. After 1 more month we’ve got our Level 2 seller badge and we start thinking more seriously about starting a real Career here .This is one opportunity which can change your whole life and you shouldn’t miss it ! If you ever start selling here I will advise you : Never give up and HUSTLE hard.

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    Getoffice Team!
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