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Earn 72$ in 1st month in fiverr


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Hi, i’m new to fiverr in one months.

I’ve heard fiverr from a friend and started join fiverr about 1 month ago. I am a designer and my 1st gig is doing INFOGRAPHIC.

I love infographic because it mixing between graphic design and logical, you have to arrange every infomation provided in a small PDF document and then make a document with all letter into live great graphic that attract people to look at it. It was amazing, right? . I want to tranfer my love in infographic to everyone so i did create this gig. I care to every detail i did, i pay time to make a beautiful cover/example pic , one of my customer say he love my gig so much and now he is a returned buyer with 2 gigs ordered.

I’m pretty lucky when i got 2 order after 2 days for 8$ (deduct the 20% fiverr), but then a huge “dry spell” coming, 3 week later no order, i’ve go to forum and read a lot, fix my gig to optimize it the best i can, btw i have to say i love people in this forum, very honestly and willing to help everyone 24/7, I am going to start doing like they did, i’ll help other newbie answer their question, i love helping people.

Then at 4rd week, a got a continous order, one order $16 and one other $32,one $4, wow this is great exp for me in 1st month. All in 5 star review and buyer say they all love my design in review. I love them too, they all amazing people, for each order complete, i sent a thank you mess to them and wish to work with them again and again. I think that show my respect to my buyer, it good, isn’t it?

I think i’m in love with fiverr and i want to give buyer the best i can do. Hope i’ll serve more customer in my 2nd month on fiverr

Thank fiverr for let me do what i love to do. 🙂



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