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My Fiverr Story - Up, Down, and somewhere inbetween


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At the end of this read, I want someone to be blessed, inspired, and motivated to work.

Officially, my Fiverr story started in October 2014. However, this is not entirely true as I worked on Freelancer.com up until March, 2015 when I started using Fiverr.

Without mincing words, I know a lot of people are not from where they claim they are. I was faced with this option too - mask my IP and appear to be American. Well, I didn’t. I believe my integrity should prevail, irrespective of what I will earn.

So here we go, an African being African and appearing African wasn’t going to bring in many sales - after all, most buyers are foreigners and will prefer to work with foreigners.

To this challenge I said - “any client who cannot look beyond my country does not deserve to work with me”.

Next, I created my first gigs on writing, and proofreading services. A few orders came in within the first 2 weeks (3 or 4 orders). But here is the twist; I rejected them because they were against what I stand for (adult contents). My point here is never being afraid to turn down a job because of your beliefs or expertise. At best, refer the client to someone else.

Everything went smooth with at least 1 order in 2 days until May, when I needed to go for a compulsory training - no internet, no laptops. I went on vacation for 3 weeks and came back to meet a dead profile. All my gigs were in red - low impressions, clicks, views, etc. I spent the next 3 weeks thinking about what to do.

Oddly, I started afresh; deleting all my gigs, save for one.

It’s been over 2 months and I have since gone on to become a market researcher, copywriter, whiteboard animator, and social media manager. I never gave up.

The learning points of my story and history on Fiverr.

Be true to yourself - know your strengths and weaknesses

Be true to your clients - be truly interested in them (I know most of my clients’ names, where they work, how many kids they have, etc. Yes, I talk about virtually everything).

Learn new skills (Unless, your present skill(s) is raking in several thousands of dollars monthly, learn something new).

Above all, pray.

I have a vision, and thanks to Fiverr, my start-up will materialize soon. I hope someone gets up and start living the dream today.


Clement S.

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Thank you for being true to yourself and trying your best efforts to excel what you do. The efforts will pay off just as they are slowly doing so right now. – I hate that other sellers change their IPs and appear to be from another country when they obviously aren’t. I wish Fiverr would do something about this (unless they are doing something already atm).

Best of luck on your future endeavors my friend!

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