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Promoted to Level one few days ago!NO New Buyers now :(


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Hi Everyone can someone tell me is this happening to me only as i promoted to level one a week ago and my work is totally stopped as i am getting no new buyers as well as no new orders and my gig impression is as well stopped not increasing can someone tell me what the issue is. 😦

I am really worried about this.

Any help would be appriciated.



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This happens some of the time.

Part of the issue is that when you were new, you come up under the search for new sellers. But now that you are level 1 you have much more competition. So maybe your gig is good enough to stand out from new sellers, but now you have to really stand out from many more experienced sellers.

You should really do some research on other high rated gigs that sell something similar to what you sell, and make sure you maybe edit your gig or add new photos, or do something to keep up with things.

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Here are some samples…do not copy but just get ideas…look up more and read more gigs to get more ideas…it would defintely help you to have more than just one photo on each gig, do you have samples of your work? Or if you have to make up pretend company names and websites that might help to get things started and get pictures.

Look at these and then think about your own gigs:




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No, just keep doing what you are doing, create more images and better images so they are more professional and show some camples.

ANd remove this line from your profile:
“I currently joined fiverr to test my wordpress skills.”

No one wants to hire someone that is testing their skills or learning, they want to hire someone experience in it. Try something like this instead.

I am an experienced wordpress developer. I am here to solve any

Also, add a space after each period at the end of the sentence which you do all over.

This is wrong:
developer.I am

This is correct:
developer. I am

Good luck to you.

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Reply to @wordpressfixer1: Well, you still do not have any more photos in your gigs. That is a problem. Also, you need a better description for your gigs. Maybe give some examples of the types of things you can fix in wordpress. I am not sure about what that gig offers. And for the other design one, you don’t show any real samples. I already said this in my comment above. And be sure to put the dollar sign before the number $5, like that. And always leave a space between the period at the end of the sentence and the next start. Like this.Not like this.

Also, you have this new Math gig, but many people think it is bad when someone offers to help a student cheat and do their homework for them.

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Reply to @sincere18:
Thanks for re-checking my gigs i just removed my maths gig. 🙂
Also i dont have any idea what photos should i add in the gig?As i dont know what part of the website should i show as i ahve work on other people website and i dont want other people think that i am using there website to increase my impression.
Do you have any idea i can do for my gig?Any images etc.
and thanks for your advices they are really working for me. 🙂

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