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I Earn $48 in First 15 Days


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In Bangladesh, Where There are many People Jobless.

I am B.Sc In Electrical & Electronics Engineer. I completed my study last year. But, I could not get any job right now.

One Day, One of My senior Brother Tell Me About Freelancing. He told Me, If You Hard working on freelancer you can get lots of money from freelancing. I had lot of knowledge. But, I had’t Proper Guideline.

Then, I admitted a Institute to take a training about Advanced SEO. After 3 Month I Joined Fiverr. And I am Success. In 15 Days I got 4 Order and Earn $48. It is very good Starting For Me. I am confident I can exceed your expectations. I can achieve the results that I Want. As a New Freelancer, I Working Hard. I want to build up my career as a freelancer.



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Reply to @whitehatseo10: I live in the U.S. which is more expensive than many places. I moved to the state I live in because of low cost of living. If I buy from bulk bins I can get enough cereal, rice and dry beans to stay reasonably full for $1.50 a day. It’s not comfortable and I’ll need a little more or something to trade for fruit and vegetables.

I am glad that I am content enough to manage in poor times and better times. I am glad I don’t need fo make fun of another person who is doing what they can in a tough global economy. They deserve their pride, unlike some others here.

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