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Fiverr success story!

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We started working on fiverr about two years ago, and we did not have much experience about animating and designing,

We '‘started from the bottom’'and we came to a great achievement ! Its all about the tries and errors ! We earn a lot from fiverr now just because we were learning from our mistakes ! We started from low quality stickman animations to this! Check out where we got! Hope this will help!

[self-promotion link removed by a sheriff at 6:08PM]

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Hi there,

This post is more self-promotion than talk of a success story. Please either amend the text to be more reflective of your success (remove URL, talk about how Fiverr has helped you etc) rather than a direct gig promotion.

If it doesn’t change, I’m going to have to put it in “My Fiverr gigs”


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