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How would it be possible to block a rude buyer or "Developers not humans, more like robots"


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I stumbled into a buyer from Asia today (Top Rated buyer, like it can mean anything…).

He asked me to do some work that is outside of my expertise.

I told right away that I’m a developer, not a designer and will not be able to suggest anything to him.

He replied on it that he already found someone else and called me names like “low life”, “arrogant”, said that “I have enought of you developers”. How would you explain such behavior?..

I reported him as spam, hoped I will not receieve any message from him… but after a little time I received another message (stupid inbox). So I removed this reporting to answer him back, looks like we have to protect ourselves… 🙂

What do you think people? I got accused today of not being human because I responded fast to the problem that I couldn’t work with. He said I’m only about productivity when people should stay humans and show empathy. Although I have no idea what he meant…

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First, I’m on Fiverr for 3 years.

I had a client who has done this for 18 months! The support team has deleted him, but he comes back over and over again with almost same name in the beginning and some numbers after.

Technical support has deleted him, but he comes back after few hours and order again…The support said: Your public cancellation ratio has not been affected (this was not the truth!).

So the end of the story, my gigs disappeared from search since Fiverr has take them down.

Contacted support, for over 2 monts the tickets are not answered and still open!

See the screenshots…100 request to support to delete this user over 18 monts! Now, my gigs disappeared from search since Fiverr has take them down.

Sheriff’s Note: It is fine to post to vent or warn others, but please do not keep posting duplicate posts and screenshots in more than one thread. You have one thread up that you started so anything further is considered spam. Thank you.

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