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Dealing with spammers


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How do you deal with spam messages on fiverr?

In my short time here i already got 2 spammers messaging me. The first one was a while ago and seems to be already gone from the site (the message was a pretty blatant advertisement of another site) but this second one seems to be more subtle. I reported him once and somehow the report alert message disappeared and now it’s affecting my response rate even after reporting him again.

Here are the messages:

Hello there!
Isn't it hard and frustrating to try and attract clients?
Well, one way to keep them hooked is to use a video to explain your gig. I can create a stunning video based off from your creative mind! Adding a video makes Fiverr rank you up the page faster and can attract customers, it truly is just a small investment.

I have a special promo that I want you to take a hold off, hoping to work with you soon. Cheers! :)

Therealjamesarq has recommended a gig for the service you need. Check it out!
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“If you don’t stop this, I will report you”.

Either they apologize and bugger off (and hopefully reconsider their ways), or they repeat their offer (!) and I click the report button. Some are a bit more finessed than others, but all are essentially a load of cold-calling guff that these morons have no idea how to do. Dress 'em down, boys! It’s fun…

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