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Why the serious drop in sales

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I was simply wondering why I haven’t gotten any orders in the last 1 week or so. I know I am not the first, but there should be a reason behind why this is happening right?

I believe that one’s gigs need the right optimisation based on the current trend of demands in order to get sales. I can’t see where I have gone wrong. My analytics within the last 7 days are all RED, denoting drop in impressions, views and clicks.

I will like you guys to help check my gigs and give your suggestions on what you think I should do or why this is happening.

Suggestions are highly welcomed!

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I’m new but got some suggestions for you:

  • develop a “personal touch” with your customer: they are more than that! Ask them what they do in their life, what they need ecc. Show who you are and what you think. One of my customer once said : “I want to build a network of people with their own ideas not just somebody who delivers what I ask. This came back in your feedback.”

  • They have to trust you and trust your work, so they will come back to you and ask for more.

  • Try to create new gigs that are specialized and not generalist. One example? “I will write a blog article about vegan cooking” (is just and example 😃 )

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I posted this in my own thread months ago, but might as well copy/paste it here too.
It might not solve anything, but hopefully it will give you an idea.

There are several different reasons behind the sudden drop in orders, maybe your gig is no longer appearing at the top of search, maybe your competitors with similar gigs started offering killer deals, people are simply not in the need for your gigs right now, etc etc etc etc etc. You did everything you can to get more sales, but still no orders.

All I can say is, it happens. IT HAPPENS!! It happens, it happens, yes it happens,
oh did I say it happens? 😃

I can understand why people freak out. They join Fiverr, and for several weeks ( or even months), they get orders almost everyday or every week, and suddenly the orders stop coming. That is enough to cause panic, I understand it 100%.
I myself have gone through this “drying-up period” a few times, but I have worked here long enough to realize that it’s nothing unusual, and tell myself "Meh, it happens."
Back in June I had a pretty bad dry-up period and I think I didn’t get any orders for 3 weeks or so. Then last month I got bombarded with orders to a point where I started praying for another dry-up period.

So what can you do when and if you face this drying up period???
I’m not sure if there is anything you can do. You can try editing your gigs, promote more, stuff like that, but sometimes, no matter what you do, nothing works. That’s just how it is in business, right? In the meantime, pray for more orders, and work on other stuff.

Keep calm and don’t panic. You just need to learn to accept it.

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