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Hey everyone,

I was on Fiverr a while back, and slowly earned Level 1 and then Level 2. It was pretty nice to get regular gig orders. But then life took over and I took a break for a while. Up until that point I had worked literally 5$ gigs that would take me 3 hours to complete…that is less that 2$/h profit and absolutely impossible to live on here. It was fine at the time, because I was a student, and I was going with “any money is better than none”, but there had to be an end to that. At the time, for some reason, I never thought to drastically modify my gig in a way that would allow me to stay…so I took a break. Deleted my gig, left, and almost on my way to delete my account.

But as I returned I realized the site (while with more competition) actually seems improved, too. And I am trying to start again. That means I’m also in a unique situation: I have high seller level with reviews and rating that reflects the work I did at the end(when I got overwhelmed) and the way I responded to messages etc. after I had taken a break(but left my account).

I am happy to start over. I can’t wait to get the gig orders, new reviews, and see how what I learned professionally in the last years will reflect in the quality of work I do. I hope I get orders soon. How about you guys, is it a good month for you?

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