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Tips for advertise your gig on twitter, this is greatttt


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Hey guy, I just came up with an idea yesterday, and iโ€™m still testing, it seem quite good.

Get twitter on iphone ( mine 6 plus ) , login your acc.

Download some Twitter Follower app, and some Twitter Retweet/Favorite app ( this app let other like your tweet and favorite your tweet )

Generate a link to your gig by fiver promote tool and post on twitter.

Get that link to make promote in the Retweet/Favorite app.

Apps for retweet: Twitboost pro

Apps for Follower: Followgrow

Web for retweet: traffup ( this web is great, it got many funtion good and you get faster retweet than iphone apps, but keep use both ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Explain the retweet app:

This is so simple app, normaly sign in an app, you got base coin such as 10 coin, and you follow somebody you get ~4 coin, retweet get 2 coin etc, and then you use these coin to promote your tweet. It win-win deal, other got retweet by you and you use the coin to make other retweet too.

UPDATE: iโ€™ve check on PC, there many page that offer retweet with faster retweet rate than iphone.

After 1 day of testing my gig view increase from 10 to 109 view, and today 1 got 1 new order. So goood.

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