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Question about sellers!


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If your seller doesn’t deliver and goes past the deadline, it will be marked as late and you can just cancel from your side through the resolution centre tab on the order.

If your seller has delivered something completely different to what you asked for/were expecting, you can raise a ticket with Customer Support and explain the situation and they will look into it for you. If it can be proved that the seller did something against the Terms of Service, such as deliver an empty order, you will be refunded - however the funds will not go back into your bank account, but will stay on Fiverr and can only be used to purchase another gig. You also won’t get your processing fee back, but if you don’t have any work from the seller, that’s a small price to pay for cancellation.

In either case, PLEASE try to keep communication with your seller as open as possible. If they are late with the order, it could be for a number of reasons (ill, family emergency, technical issues etc.) - if they have delivered something you didn’t expect, they may have misinterpreted what you were looking for. Giving the seller a chance to explain themselves before going ahead and cancelling is always the best idea, and Customer Support would usually ask you to do this first before they can look into anything anyway.

Hope that helps!

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