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Why are some boxes automatically checked?


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Hey there. I’m a new buyer and seller here on Fiverr…

I just noticed that most of the time when I go to a seller’s gig and am about to order… The order button shows more than $5 and I try to check why and scroll down and apparently some gig extra has already been checked (which I’m pretty sure I didn’t do)…

I’m just asking… why is it automatically checked? I know I can uncheck it and everything but… is this something Fiverr does to get extra sales or what? :))

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This is a very good question. Since it is so heavily related to buyer experience I’d like to move this thread to Tips for Buyers if you don’t mind. (You can also click edit and move it yourself.) I know of both buyers and sellers that were confused when this started because the feature isn’t that old.

Basically, when Fiverr adopted the format we now have with a “best selling gig” at the top right, that is based on the gig you have active with the most sales. (It doesn’t apply to paused gigs.) It also normally includes one of your extras, pre-checked. I’ve seen most people say that the extra is based on the one that you’ve sold the most often, but I can’t confirm that.

When a buyer decides to buy a gig and chooses that “best selling gig” that is highlighted on a profile, that special extra (and perhaps more than one) is automatically checked. Thus, the price will be for the base gig plus those pre-checked extra(s.) And, yes, it makes more money for Fiverr if the buyer chooses that over a $5 gig.

If the buyer chooses another gig or clicks on the “best seller” gig in the list of all your gigs, the extras shouldn’t be checked by default since the $5 base gig is all that is pre-selected. Personally I do not like the pre-checked extras since I’ve had to cancel some purchases when the buyer meant to only buy the base gig and one of my specialties is $5 gigs at higher value quality.

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