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Difficult seller keeps asking for more and more and more - What to do?


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Hi guys,

So I have this one seller right now that ordered a custom offer gig from me. I did try to define the custom offer as detailed as possible, however that seller keeps coming back to me with modifications time and time again after I deliver the work. Furthermore, is the communication from him not clear and I am starting to get really frustrated because I have inputted way too much time already. Now, I do not want to cancel the order as it is for a bigger amount of money and - like I said - I have already invested so much time to begin with. I have also tried to explain to the seller that I have essentially did my best already plus delivered more than he asked for and he keeps coming back outraged almost and asking for details to be changed for this creative gig.

How would you suggest I best handle this situation going forward?

I really just want him to mark this order complete so that we can finish this, but it does not seem very likely at the moment. And as a final add-on, I am usually very nice and precise and try to give my customers always what I want. I have been having good ratings so far but have never encountered a situation as persistent as this.

I appreciate any tips/advice.

Thanks guys!


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Thanks so much guys! This was really helpful. I’m gonna put my foot down now since the customer did not accept or wants to pay any gig extras. You definitely gotta say no sometimes and I am rather gonna cut my losses as early as possible and focus on the next customer.

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