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My response rate dropped down [ARCHIVED REDIRECTED]


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I am almost a year old here in Fiverr thoughI haven’t got buyer yet and on top of that my response rate became 50% from 100%. I am totally surprised and need help.

Every morning I open up Fiverr to check if there is any msg. for me and every morning I have to disappoint myself. I have received 5-6 msgs. only in this long time and replied them on same day. My response rate was 100%. Recently I have received one msg. couples of days back but whenever I double click to read and reply the msg. FIVERR shows me ‘For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly’, the reason why I couldn’t reply the only msg. in my inbox. But why on earth my response rate came down to 50% which was 100% earlier?

Please advice me friends.


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hi Atulan, you shouldn’t use sensitive words here, like if some words feel like your con.tact
details, this site will think that you are contacting users outside, hence you got that message.

If you sell something which people want to buy, you will make sales here , just like anywhere, as simple as that

Research and see which gigs are getting sales, that way, create gigs and Sell ! All the Best !

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Just contact Fiverr’s customer service. They can help you to re-fix the problem.
You meet messages related to spam,"‘For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly’“
I contact the Customer service, and they told me that it would be the only way to fix your response rate–contact them…
Please see below for the originial message I got from the agent
"As for spam messages in which senders’ accounts become disabled, as was mentioned previously you can report such messages to us and we’ll assist with clearing them. At this time deleting such messages won’t result in getting them cleared, so i you merely delete such messages from your view they still would be affecting response rate.”

Hope it is useful for you.

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And it’s going to even more with the more spammers we get. Fiverr knows this and despite still getting spam and then not being able to contact or reply, this is hurting EVERYONE’S RESPONSE RATE…

USE THIS POST TO Petition against it:


This is currently the best option. You may voice your opinions about the response rate feature or offer your alternatives in the thread linked above. Thanks! Topic closed

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