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Watch out for accounts less than a month old


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As soon as my gig got going somebody ordered 2 of my biggest packages. When they were ready to be delivered, it read “this account is unavailable”. I couldn’t deliver to the account because it didn’t exist anymore. Since the order was still active, they were considered late. Apparently, Fiverr wont recommend your gig if it is late. Anyway, same guy keeps making accounts just to order the same gig 5 times. I have to cancel each one because he deletes the accounts after he orders the gig. I think he was selling my gig on another website, because each of his orders on his one account were for different people. I don’t think Fiverr gives you back your money when you delete your account, so I’m just confused to why this guy did this. The main point is, these brand new accounts might be traps.

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Reply to @sincere18: I doubt it.

It’s more likely that the user is abusing the free gig offer.

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I’m tired of keeping Fiverr a secret.

I use Fiverr to get things done. There, I said it. Now you can join me & discover millions of online services, all at an unbeatable value! Thank me later.

It would be very simple to do, but hard for fiverr to detect and prevent.

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