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First day on fiver, after 24 hours of creating my first gig, I got a $60 order, created another gig and after 24 hours got a $10 order, so this is a good start, I know i will have bad days but I will not give up, aiming for big things here 🙂

Tips I worked with : Took good care of my gig, made sure videos and pictures are attractive, used the right tags…

Wish me luck and thanks for reading :)>-

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Fantastic news - so happy to hear this!

For the rest of you guys trying to get those first sales, there are few great takeaways from this post.

  1. Use professional-looking images.
  2. Have a description that’s articulate, attractive, and helps make what you’re selling stand out from the rest.
  3. Use carefully-selected Keywords. If you’re stumped, take a peek at keywords that the most popular Sellers are using in your niche, and use that for some inspiration.

Invest the resources up-front to make your Gig stand out, and you’ll reap the rewards!

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@writerlisaz - Congrats! I know this feeling all too well…
I started just wondering… In less than a month, I got Level 2 status. Now… I’m praying no orders come in when trying to clear my queue deadlines 🙂

All the best! - & also please try to get as much persons to favorite your page as possible. It helps loads.


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