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Adding "Offer More Extras" Not Working


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If there is already a thread on this, please let me know.

I have a client that did not pay the right amount, so I made 4 attempts to “Offer More Extras” worth the amount to pay the remaining balance. I click “Send”… and nothing happens.

I did it on Google Chrome and Safari.

Anyone experience ths problem or if Support is already working on this?

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I came to the forum for this very topic, because it is not working for me either, or I guess there is a possibility it is showing up on my buyer’s side, but nothing is showing up in the order on my side. I click send, the screen refreshes, but I see nothing in the order. I’ve only used this twice, once today and once weeks ago, but both times, it was the same, nothing seems to happen.

I’d also be curious to know if this is a glitch I should report or if this is a known issue, and I was using Safari both times, and I’m not experiencing any other issues that I’m aware of. The fact that the screen refreshes after I click send is why I find this particularly confusing.

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Hi 🙂

I have used it only once up to now (last week) and in my case it worked.

The reason I pop in this thread is to add a tip. Whenever sellers click on one extra they want to suggest to the buyer in an active order, it is important for the seller to not forget to also click on the extra(s) that the buyer might have already bought! We have to click on every one of the (relevant) boxes, as the extras that the buyer has bought in the first place will not remain automatically active when a seller will be adding the suggested extras. I know this is a too simple tip, but this is mistake that may occur on the first time that a seller uses this option 🙂


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