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A chance for sellers to accept/decline an offer would be great

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Let me just start by saying that the majority of the buyers I have communicated with are great, and I have very rarely gotten people wanting something for nothing or anything like that. But it has happened on occasion.

I think it would be great if there was a feature where the buyer submits their order, but before their money gets taken from them and before our countdown starts on the order, we are able to look at what they are asking and accept/decline. If we accept, fiverr takes their money as usual and the gig proceeds as usual. If we decline, no big deal, as no transaction has yet taken place.

The reasons I feel this is better than mutual cancellation are:

  1. we get rated on how many cancelled orders we have. It doesn’t matter if we cancelled because they asked for something we don’t provide, it still reflects negatively on us.
  2. some buyers absolutely refuse to mutually cancel, no matter how many times you ask them to.

    I feel that we should be able to tell our buyers, “yes I can do that” or, “no I can’t do that” without being penalized for it.

    Thank you for reading.
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Very well said, maybe there could be a time span as soon as the buyer places an order, the seller is allowed to decline the order if the seller’s requirements are not met, so there is no disadvantage to both the buyer and seller.
There could also be an option where the seller can inform the buyer why the order was cancelled.

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