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Any chance for newbie here?


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I was active on fiverr in the year 2010 at that time there were no additional gigs, there was only one gig that was for $5. no express delivery gig or additional things (fiverr introduced all this later). I thought $5 wasn’t enough for my income that way I will earn only 100 bucks if i work for one month I moved to another freelancing site, now the other sites are about to get closed.

Here I’m again trying my luck on fiverr but I see number of newbies now (at that time in 2010 there were only few service providers) and I see that its difficult to get even a single customer if you are a new guy. so what should I do ? I want to ask the service providers here is it difficult to get orders now if i’m starting as newbie ??

or is Fiverr is only for those who ARE TOP RATED here ?

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I’m just a buyer here, but from what I’ve seen, once you’ve got your first sale here, it seems to be easier to get more of them. The first one can be tricky, though.

Once your gigs are set up, proofread them carefully. You want to make a great first impression, after all.

Then, posting about one or two of them in the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum might help. I’ve actually bought a couple gigs that I saw there, so someone else might, too.

Good luck!

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Since there is now so much competition you need to really do some research and notice other high rated sellers and how they write things up, the photos they use, and things like that. Do not copy just do some research.

YOu have a few problems with your gig that makes it not stand out.

  • you have nothing written for your profile. What kind of education do you have? Or do you have professional work experience? Why should someone buy from you instead of another person?

  • you only have one photo and it’s generic. You should have many samples of your work.

  • you are only offering ONE free theme to install. ARen’t there lots of free themes out there? How many people do you think only want that one forest theme? With so much competition you have to figure out what is the most marketable, and have a few gigs.

So do some research and read all the other sellers out there and you will learn what has changed in 5 years 🙂

Here are some, but search more on your own too…




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@wordpressproz - Trust me you got more than a chance… I created this account in January and did not understand anything and left… Came back after a little motivation and created my first Gig a little over a month ago… In no time I became Level 2 In less than a month.
Also made a Fiverr Story out of it:

Have faith and work hard… Lots of helpful people here, and in no time you can take off like a rocket.


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