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How to get order? Please help me


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Well hello sir,
This question has been answered by other forum members for hundreds of times now.
You should first go through those posts before posting another thread here.
Secondly, if you are not getting orders it means that something is wrong with your gigs and this includes the gig profile picture and the description.
Again I believe selling Facebook likes is against Fiverr and Facebook policies.
Your account could get suspended and so will your customer’s which in return will result in low conversion rate.
I also checked your gigs and could see that there are so many errors in your English.
You should correct them.
Thank you.

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Yes, give thanks to zarafal because he told u the fact, i also check your English and i saw that you made some mistakes there which could make buyers neglect your service, i became a level 2 seller on fiver because i give my description to a seller on fiverr to proofread and edit my content before i create a gig, you can correct all your grammatical errors here at www.fiverr.com/articleme1

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Reply to @onlinea: I have some concerns about the link you provided. Since you are offering this link as a tip to sellers, it is interesting to note that the user you recommended has only one review and it is from you. Something about this does not seem quite right, and the user you suggested really does not appear to have all the skills claimed. I am writing this to warn others that I would hire that person at your own risk. You may be better off to hire someone who has quite a few more good reviews. I even have my doubts about that person being a native English speaker, although I certainly cannot be sure. Nevertheless, buyer beware.

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