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Help quick buyer doing cheating what to do?


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a buyer ordered my 2 gigs for providing the premium theme.

i have provided the theme.

and after downloading my theme is started something like its not working , etc etc.

so i called him on TEAM VIEWER and installed that theme in front of him on his computer,

after that he is also requesting to cancel the order,

and saying i have not recieved the theme etc etc

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Reply to @dusuacangmon: is fiverr is not a safe place ? i left my job beacuse i was enjoying @fiverr but now, its scared me.

and the guy threating me that, he will confirm the order and review a negetive marking,
till date i have not a single negetive review, what i do now ? should i cancel the order ? he has no morals .

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You should contact customer support. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see your gig get pulled if you’re reselling other peoples themes for a lower value (haven either gotten a ripped off version, or purchased one copy to distribute for a profit). There is a chance you created the themes yourself of course, but given that your live portfolio contains many themes from a popular premium template site, it doesn’t look too good.

I hate to say it but shady business practices attract shady clients.

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Reply to @irfanisrael: It may take a day or two for customer support to get back to you. Just do not contact the buyer again, and if they acccept the work and give you a negative review, then contact customer support again, with a copy of the message where he has threatened you and ask them to remove any negative feedback.

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Reply to @twistedweb123: no sir, i bought recently a theme from a themestore for my purposr weeks ago, in $65 when i bought this, buy one get another theme at no cost.
so i have left a theme in my account, today the buyer asked for theme,
so i choose his theme , and redeem my offer,

i provided him the original theme of mine , not others,

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If you want to get into screenshots. Here’s one of the themes from your live portfolio:


This is called “Avada”

Here are the standard license details:


and the extended:


License info:


This is very different from what you are screenshoting above.

There is also a difference between charging for the theme as part of a larger project and directly selling the theme as is (which you say you did above).


Could that be any clearer?

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sir you are diverting this discussion in differenet side,

but this is not for about avada., he asked for themify theme, and in my live portfolio i did not provide the avada theme,
also i cleariny mentioned a note in my gig disc:

>>You must provide me themes and plugins if they are premium.
>>?Only one task per gig. For multiple tasks, order multiple gigs.

and that
AVADA theme was already installed by the client,
that is not delivered by me, client only ordered that gig for changin and configuring his avada theme.

and here the scene is done with themify theme ,
pls read again .
or does configuring a theme also a violation ? 😛

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how could you judge that theme in my live potfolio is only provided by me ?
the avada one’s order was not site creation …

they want some fix, and i fix them, whats wrong here,

i clearly mentioned in my gig note : if any theme & plugins are neede and they are premium , then you must be provided them.

here are the completely different discussion ,
i send buyer my theme that can be sent according to theme provider policies( THEMIFY) .

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Reply to @irfanisrael: If the Avada theme is not something you provided or had any control over within the order, why did you deliver a screenshot of it to showcase in your live portfolio?

Themes come in zip files. You would have actively had to take that image, upload it as a deliverable and set it in your Live Portfolio.

At the very least, that’s misleading to your potential buyer - at the very worst that’s portraying another developer’s theme as your own (you haven’t even customised that image, it’s the default screenshot of the theme).

If you are just customising other peoples themes, this raises two questions:

  1. Why did the buyer from your original post give you money for you to provide him with a theme at a lower price than the developer sells it for? Surely they should come to you with the theme. If they don’t, reselling the theme directly for a profit is against most licenses.

  2. Why does your gig state in multiple cases you will build/create/design the theme?



You will handcraft a website? I’m pretty sure ‘handcrafting’ doesn’t envolve customising a premade theme.

I’m not sure why you have attached your last screenshot - it is someone asking for a custom offer - not an order or anything related to Avada.

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