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Question for Fiverr Forum Moderators about the Forum Section Called My Fiverr Gig


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Personally, I provide a little give and take. I would rather a seller bump their post as opposed to post again and again. However, persistant bumping over a short period of time (say multiple times a day) will probably result in one of us “sinking” it, meaning it cannot be bumped again.

There are other factors as well. For example, what message are they using to bump? Often sellers will demonstrate work from their portfolio or keep the post updated with samples. That’s good to see. Just writing “up” multiple times in a short period isn’t so great.

If the original poster doesn’t abuse the forum, we are all pretty nice people! We’re sellers too and understand the need to promote but over-promotion to the point of spam isn’t tolerated.


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Each moderator has a certain amount of leeway to make judgement calls. Some things are spelled out for us by Fiverr but many are not black and white issues since they just can’t be.

For me, I have little issue with bumping done well. I often bump my own posts in Tips for Sellers if I think people need a reminder, but I don’t typically just write “bump” or “up.” I like to provide some new tip or bit of information to make the thread more useful.

I see people use varied techniques in My Fiverr Gigs. Some people will post an update of some kind like letting people know they have a sale on the gig for a 1 week, or letting people know that they are introducing a holiday version, etc. I have a lot less tolerance for bumps that are just a word or punctuation mark. Even so, I won’t normally mess with the post unless I see it has been bumped many times, or a gig has been bumped with inaccurate info, or especially if someone bumps many times in a short period. If I see that, I may close/lower the thread on posts older than a year or even remove it if the gig has changed radically in price or content making the thread invalid.

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