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Suggestion: "Seen" status in "inbox"

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Several day it got couple of buyer inbox, i reply to them but it like throw a stone into air, no reply at all, and i don’t know buyer read it yet or not? Pretty confused.

So why don’t we do like Facebook Mess? When send a inbox mess, if buyer did’t read, it show stat: Delivered, and if they open and read it, it show “Seen”.

With this, we can make sure buyer status, if he did’t read it, he might be busy on another task or sth else, if he read it adn don’t reply, mb he don’t like our offer or sth. Pretty handy.

PS: came up with ON/OFF this fuction in our inbox.

How do you guys think?

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No, I would not like this at all.
I completely hate the Facebook implementation too.

I sometimes read messages from my phone and I reply at a later time.
I don’t want my potential buyers to think I’m ignoring them. It will just cause confusion.

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