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Featured and Beans


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Greetings Fiverr!

Working on a pot of black beans for lunch, when my phone when “bling”. I got a reply from Support concerning my “Quest for Featured.” I was told they like my gig, but to use real pictures of myself and make a higher quality video.

lol, while I’m COMPLETELY flattered that they thought the pictures I’m using are a model… there’s not much I can do about changing how I look… I will admit one is from a few years ago 😉

I thought about using a live video… but using a video camera would KILL the audio quality I’m trying to sell to my clients. I do voiceovers, not videos – I just don’t have good equipment.

My other thought was live video with my Android, and then using my audio equipment to add the voiceover later… can you do that with Movie Maker?

Who on Fiverr is awesome at video editing? I would love some suggestions… oh… and if you have any suggestions for making a killer pot of black beans, they’re on the stove now and it would be appreciated!


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Guest cust0mcr3ationz

I don’t know if you can do it with moviemaker…i use it to make amazing presentations. There are a lot of other video softwares out there. Some are free and others you have to pay for. But you can still get some for free through torrent sites.

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Hi @kiffinyjean!

The videos on our pages are done with a cheap old tape camera and simultaneously recorded with an audio mic. I use iMovie to import the video and remove the audio. I then sync the recorded audio to the video and it seems to line up pretty easily.

There is no after the fact voicing, just capturing the original audio with the mic at the time of taping.

While I am not familiar with moviemaker, if it has an option to mute the audio contained in the video file and add a separate audio file, it should work the same way!

Best of luck getting your feature on! 😉

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