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New on Fiverr - How to add Audiofiles to Portfolio

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Hello All

i have read dozens of threads and messages regarding audio files in the live portfolio.

Most of the threads are old and suggest that we upload a video with the sound included, but i’ve seen a few users portfolio with a audioplayer and tracks to listen trough.

Can anyone explain me how to do this? I want to have the oportunity to to showcase my past work to potential buyers. So they can hear that i am skilled for that job.

Anyone ?

Thanks Daniel

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Hi Daniel,

I believe this is a feature which has since been introduced. Under the old portfolio, videos are automatically sampled for the portfolio. Under the new portfolio, audio files (like MP3s) are now also auto sampled. Simply upload them in your delivery message and select the file as the portfolio preview (if you upload more than one file)


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