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Is there any way for me to draw attention to my article writing gig?

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I currently have a gig for article writing wherein i offer upto 1500 words.

It seems that people who notice my gig are fairly interested in it. Out of the 27 impressions, i got 20 clicks and two orders.

I feel that my gig should be able to sell for itself once more people actually notice it, as it not only offers more than double the average number of words but i have yet to see a single customer tell me that he was not satisfied with my work. I like to work extremely hard on each and every order, making sure that i can deliver a good piece of work, something which means that i have even spent 10+ hours on particular orders in the past till i could come up with something satisfactory.

It seems though that it’s not easy for me to get my gig noticed by people. Is there any way to optimize the impressions so that more people see the gig?

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hi @aayushagra101

yes. you’re correct once more people notice your great GIG it will start selling like crazy!

Suggestion here if you don’t mind. If I were you, I’d write articles about what I do and why I do it etc. This way people would get to know you better and faster because once the content is indexed by the search engines you’ll start coming up here and there. You just need some attention so that visits become viral towards your GIG on fiverr

Try with the social forums too. Everybody needs good written articles these days.

I hope you find my suggestion friendly here.


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