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Beats every Freelancer websites


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In 2007 I was searching term " How to make money Online" Millions of Ideas came through and in all there is a freelancer work.

I am special in Email marketing SEO services website designing and most of all I am Certified Ethical hacker and good in computer and mobile forensic.

But the thing is all freelancer website like O-desk, freelancer Elancer I made my profile one of the best. I daily come 5 to 6 hours reply to new bids private messages to buyer but Unfortunately in 3 Years I never had a single order. So I left all the sites.

After some time one of my friend told me that he made 250$ in some days with FIVERR where you can sell every and any skill in just 5$.

I just laugh and said IN JUST 5. ? Leave it man I having special skill why I will sell in 5 ?

So nothing happen but after some days I though I need to give a chance or a try.

I joined Fiverr remember just join I dont know how to use it.

I left the Fiverr.

again that friend told me that he made 1245$ in week.

I came again 🙂 made my first ever GIG about Better Email Delivery.

and I closed the fiver after 6 minutes I got a mail that a buyer is interested in your gig for 5$. I again smile + laugh just in 5$ ???

any way I talk to her, she said please solve my this issue I will buy more gigs from you I said I have no other gig SHE said what you can do ? I said I can check website for vulnerabilities she having too much site she made me offer and I made a gig for that and SO on.

Today all my work is auto pilot I am seller also I am a good buyer on fiverr and on Level 2 but I am sure in my few day I will get TOP ranking.

One of the most important thing that I want to tell that I never withdraw cash of fiverr earning.

Because I earn and I spend here to buy great services.

Finally I want to thanks FIVERR.COM for this great website and specially for us because we are Pakistani we need work online.

I request to all Pakistani online working come to free and sell your skill start with 5$ and make 1000$.

Good luck.

Fiverr is the Luck.

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That was an extraordinarily challenging post to read. I admire your desire to share stories about – I assume – your success on Fiverr, however, for future posts, if you want people to read and understand what you write, please edit or proofread it in English before you post it.

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