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My conversion rate is just lousy...Can some experienced sellers give me some honest feedback?

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Well, it’s like this…I have gone from performing about average to what seems to be way below average…I was hesitant to post this at first because well, I try to keep my sense of pride intact (of course we’re all that way, I suppose)

I’ve been a seller since the beginning of the year…by the time spring came I saw more activity and things seemed to be looking up…I was starting to get hopeful and optimistic the more work I did and good ratings came in…But I have seemed to fallen into such a slump I don’t know how to get out of. Lately my activity level has started to reflect that of most of us when we are in pre-badge status. July has been terribly quiet and this month isn’t starting off much better. In July I probably had 4 orders altogether, and I will be honest, 2 of them were actually traded gigs with other newbies. I was happy to exchange gigs because my activity level had dropped like a stone, practically, and a positive rating is a positive rating , even if it means no dough as a result. I don’t know how many sellers have done this when things were slow. My most recent order came about as a result of a little subtle choreographing on my part with a previous buyer (number 32)

I wish that some of the more experienced sellers on here who knows what works and what doesn’t…could take a good look at my profile and give me some honest feedback. This has been really depressing. Heck, I even went back to check and see if I did not get a negative rating that could have pulled me down a little in overall score. Currently I am at 97%…it may have been a full 100 but I had a rather sour experience earlier this year due to a misunderstanding that led to a bad rating…I ended up deleting that gig altogether to spare my future reputation, but that early on in the game, it may have pushed my score down a little.

My conversion rate is 1.7 percent and while I don’t proclaim to be an expert on bounce /conversion rates…that sounds pretty dismal. Clearly something I have been doing recently has not been working, or I would be experiencing at least “average” activity…enough to make me feel that the rest will fall into place naturally.

Please be as honest as you can; I will listen with open ears and eyes…even if one of my gigs is bad looking or something…I 'm better off knowing. It is not like I’ve been expecting to get rich or something, I just think I should be averaging a few orders a day-not a few a month!! At this rate I don’t know if I will ever become a Level 2 seller and that is based on the rate the system stipulates “after 2 months with 50 satisfactory ratings you get promoted to Level 2” I have been at Level 1 probably for 4 months!! I thought it would get easier once I had earned a badge in the first place.

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Dear @gwenhwyfar37

There are ups and downs when it comes to sales. Sometimes you get up you see nothing inside the inbox but sometimes you wake up and you see few sales and contacts. That’s how it works, not knowing what’s going to happen.

You can improve that by simply trying to do your best and start spreading the word out so that other people learn more about you and what you do for your money.

fiverr.com is doing a great, great job marketing our skills but we also need to help them out too.

That means that you need to form a marketing strategy on your side and then see how effectively you can market your skills and does that bring you any results in the end.

Write about your skills on blogs, analyze your skills and GIGs and see what other’s say about them. Ask yourself who needs your services and why? Try to estimate your audience, try to put yourself in the mind of your customers and then start making projections too.

Be active on social forums because that’s one way of letting people know about what you do. The more people you get to know the more chances you get for a sale. People want and are interested in things. Just keep it up and don’t give up because it’s worth at the end.

Thanks and I hope that you find my comments friendly.

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You must ensure you try at best to target buyers in the Buyer’s Request section gwenhwyfar37, a lot of opportunities exist in there Daily, and you must keep a sharp eye on it to apply for them as soon as they’re updated each day. Also don’t use anything cliche’ like “I will do this for you for $5”. Attack like Microsoft - “If you are serious about having this done in a timely manner using our exquisite services, we will be available to start immediately; please respond with the deadline window you are working with”… Stuff like that.

And Support the forums (increase your views).



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Reply to @thecreativeguys: One image is a stock photo (the proofreading gig)I had permission to use; thee rest I created on my own…The reviews gigs…well I used graphic software to create them with screenshots of my “abilities”…I was trying to not have anything that looked clip-artish or copyrighted. It’s been tougher than I thought…

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