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Adding additional Delivery Time to an order [RESOLVED]


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A buyer and I had previously agreed during communication that I could complete a project within 10 days. I gave him specifics for how to submit each order as it is rather large… and he did. But my basic “Gigs” come with a standard 2 day time frame.

How can I adjust the “countdown clock” on these orders so that my Delivery Status does not go into “LATE” mode?

Thank you for any help!!

Alicia 🙂

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Hi Alicia,

The only way to edit the order (if it’s open), is to send a custom offer within the order with time added. (i.e. $5 for 8 days).

When that is purchased, it will add on. There is no other way to extend the leadtime.

When you have custom requests and leadtimes like this, you should send the buyer a custom offer within your inbox with the price and leadtime, so they don’t order a gig with details which aren’t fully applicable or correct.


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