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Do not ask Buyers to leave a 5 Star Review [ARCHIVED]


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Reply to @kjblynx: There’s nothing dirty about it, it’s business. I get all kinds of companies asking me for reviews. Subway offers me a free cookie if I do a customer service survey, Comcast is always asking me to press 1 for the same. Companies and individuals have to ask for what they want. Before Fiverr created a tip system, I used to share my tip gig with my delivery.

Besides, since I don’t want bad reviews, I tell my buyers to ask for a refund if they’re not happy with my work.

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I think it’s tacky to ask for reviews. When I first started on Fiverr and it was really important for me to make sure my reviews were gold, I would add an extra message at the time of delivery saying, “Your complete satisfaction is very important to me. If there’s anything that would discourage you from leaving a five-star review, please tell me so I can make it right.” This way my buyers knew that I wanted them to leave a review, but also that I was concerned about the quality of their experience. And it’s not as tacky as saying, “And be sure to leave a five-star review!”

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I really do not see anything wrong asking a buyer for review; of course this is one of the essence of selling and a pointer to potential buyers of how satisfied your customers have been. Even brick and mortar businesses do ask customers for positive testimonials for service rendered. However, I think every seller who wants good rating should also strive to deliver good rating worth jobs, otherwise no unhappy customer would oblige you any request for 5 star rating.

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Don’t ask for reviews? Nonsense 😉

You’re a business, you can’t always rely on customers just “doing” things without a gentle poke or a little guidance (and nor should they be relied on, they pay you, you give them something, end of trade).

You’re there (or should be there) to provide a killer service, make the customer happy and walk away with some money for your time and effort. Politely requesting a review in whatever form is entirely acceptable as long as you’ve done your best and the customer is visibly happy with the product you’ve provided.

On the other hand, there are sellers (on every freelancing website) who simply provide rubbish in the hopes of making a very quick sale without a care for the customer and those people, it goes without saying, shouldn’t even be delivering orders let alone asking for reviews.

There is a popular online fast food service ordering site in the UK. It hooks you up with local delivery places. I use it some times (more than I’d care to admit 😉 ). The businesses on the site can be reviewed each time a customer orders.

9/10 times the delivery driver for the place I’ve purchased from very politely asks me that if I am happy with the service to please leave a nice review. Perfectly fine with me. If I am not happy, if my burger was burnt or they failed to include items I ordered (“where’s my garlic bread?!”), I won’t do it.

Same goes for businesses on YELP, TripAdvisor etc. As @fastcopywriter mentioned earlier on in this thread, I’ve been in places (hotels, pubs, restaurants etc.) that ask to leave them a good review.

If you are absolutely proud of what you are providing to your customer and are confident that you’ve delivered a top quality service, ask away.

On the other hand if you’ve wasted the customers time and sent them garbage to make a quick buck, don’t bother. Then it becomes insulting.

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And this is my own approach to this issue:

  • Of course, I am not saying that I know better than you, but I am aware how a “less than 5 stars rating” makes lots of sellers feel frustrated and discouraged. Most (the ones with no Levels yet) are working even for 30 minutes, 1 hour for $5 only after all.

In 192 orders I have completed as a seller up to now I have experienced 3 times the so called “bad” rating. One buyer was trying to force me to cancel so he could keep the delivered work for free. Another one didn’t even communicate to say what the problem was. And the thrid was a bit… out of this world. Fortunately I had proof that I was right and screenshots so support helped me these 3 times.

Anyway, we are living in a world of competition. What to do?

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Reply to @prolitech: That is very in-factual to think honestly, I know this team personally they are a group of highly respected legal professionals across the United States.

Please to note, they have not advertised their gigs; this shows your inferiority to others’ success. People are free to write about anything that can be informative or helpful, if even it doesn’t tie with your interests, it doesn’t give you the right to denounce it.

Please refrain from making such comments and about your fellow community members without actually obtaining facts.

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If you read anything on this thread, I hope it’s this.

You should never seem desperate for a 5 star review. Asking for one is not against the rules in the same way that asking for a free sample isn’t. That doesn’t mean it’s good etiquette.

If you’re looking to achieve more 5 star reviews there is a somewhat tricky method I use when I feel like my buyer is less than enthusiastic.

Message them with something like, “What expectations do you have that will earn me a 5 star review from you?” When they answer this, exceed their personal expectations (within reason) and they will feel compelled to leave a GLOWING review.


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I have had 426 reviews total, all using this same canned message at the end of the delivery:

“Please remember to leave a review if you are satisfied with the work! If for any reason you desire to leave a less than 5-star rating, please contact me first so I can make it right.”

If I don’t get a review in a week, I follow up with:

"Thank you again for choosing me to work on your project! I just wanted to follow up and make sure that everything was delivered to your satisfaction.

If everything is ok, I would appreciate a review at your convenience. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the work and desire to leave less than a 5 star rating, please contact me so I can make it right."

I believe I have close to 85% review success with this. Hasn’t failed me and nobody has complained.

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