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Do not ask Buyers to leave a 5 Star Review [ARCHIVED]


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I have a strategical tactic for this in my closing of deliveries and it works very well as many buyers either don’t like or care to rate, and some just forget. You can already count on 30% of buyers to not rate, so whatever you can do within the parameters to maximize the ratings you do get is essential.
DTong (TRS)

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David said : “The least you could do would be to leave no review at all, or to simply request a refund. In this situation, insisting on leaving a negative review that will clearly damage this Seller’s chances of future income is simply cruel.”

boohoo…IMHO as buyers we should know if someone is untalented…I see many who seem to be using cut and paste designs really not that great…what is wrong with an honest review? Not cruel

Now…I just left a one star review for a real scammer who is not answering me tho he was so pushy and eager before. I will be happy to tell anyone and everyone about him

I did ask for a refund but in the mentime I will do whatever I can to get him outta here haha

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Reply to @estymcmahon: You have some good points. It is your right to leave any review you please. David is also right in saying that you can seriously damage a seller reputation because of a misunderstanding, a time zone difference, etc. These are different from very valid reasons for leaving a bad review.

What I don’t get is this: You didn’t even bother to ask the seller for a refund. It is not uncommon for unreasonable buyers to prefer leaving bad reviews over refunds just for personal satisfaction. That doesn’t confirm for me that you are an unreasonable buyer at all, it just makes me think you might be. What does confirm for me that you might just be a mean person is this:

estymcmahon said: do whatever I can to get him outta here haha
I can understand wanting to get rid of a seller if they are truly bad, but you don't have to write it all over the forum and you sure don't have to write "haha" as though it's great fun to hurt someone.
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I asked for a refund for hours. IMHO he dissed me with what he sent me.

I asked for someone who had 2 themes - needed to own developer lic…I want to use the theme for myself…they could sell and I install or they install,no problem.

I was real specific. The theme…btw…sells in bundle for about 50 cents per theme when on “sale” but right now not on sale…so I requested. He replied and a he was very eager (pushy)

I installed the theme…and…it was a free theme…with the ad in header and footer…and a link to buy the theme for 20 bucks…plus it was the wrong theme.

He did not have developer license…he sold me a free version I could get from wordpress itself LOL

Now…I think this is a far cry from not liking a graphic, making changes. I wanted to be sure he had right to the theme…and wanted that theme…he sold me a different theme (very old one btw)…free version…with huge ad on top and footer and sign saying go here to remove the ad - and pay $20.

I feel like the ha-ha was on me.

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Reply to @kjblynx: If I work for you and ask you for 5 star rating, you will give methe rating and also give me a $10 tip! 🙂
That’s hw good some of us are with our services!
But most buyers don’t understand that even 4.9 stars will eventually kill your fiverr account!
So, they need to be told so! 🙂

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