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This Is Not a GOOD Website....Whay I say this

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Fiverr’s job isn’t to promote your gigs and make you get sales. If they had to do that nobody would ever get anything because there’s like a zillion gigs.

Promoting your gig and getting sales is your job.

So what are you waiting for? I’m sure you have Facebook, Twitter, an E-Mail and some friends. Promote your gig to them. Nobody can help you. You need to help yourself.

Fiverr is a tool for your ideas.

If you buy a store and nobody comes in to shop is it the stores fault? No. It’s yours. You need to work for what you want.

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Once you get that first sale out of the way you will start to do better. Make sure you get feedback from your customers too. Always be polite, deliver a great service and you will make things happen.

The reality of fiverr is that it requires lots of hard work just like any other job if you want to make good income from it.

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