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Can't Find Any Sales!


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Greetings Everyone,

I already posted a discussion about “No GIG Sales”, This is a follow up. According to few of my fellow fiverrs I changed my profile photo, descriptions, Add Extra Photos to GIGS and Social Promoted It!

It worked like a charm, I got 500+ GIG Impressions & 50+ Clicks but I can’t find anyone purchasing any gigs.

I have a dough that my gigs are not that worthy ? Please let me know your feedback, Thanks.

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i did test some quick effect gig like yours, but it seem noone love it instead of those gig you REALLY create it like making logo, make infographic, some guy just earn 1000$ on fiverr in 1,5 week by his great talent in illustration character, that’s was crazy.

I think you should test some gig that got lot creativity by your self and make it your CORE gig, other you can test 🙂

i got 3 order complete after 2 week XD

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WEll, to be honest, I think a few of your gigs need some work…Here are a few examples, then just look at all the gigs and see what you can revise.

The comic book one, that doesn’t look like a comic book, it looks like you just put a bubble with text on a photo. For the pixelation photo you used a celebrity photo that most likely was something you just made up. Why would someone need pixelation effect? I think you need to show some of your designs in actual use. And you need more than one sample for each gig. Some have only one.

Like the oragami text effect, you just have one for Fiverr. Buyers want to see more real and somewhat useful examples of how they can apply it into their own needs, their own work. Not just you making something up with the Fiverr name.

I think your words on the photos is too dark, it is hard to even tell what that gig is, just looks like black photos.

Here is the bottom line. It’s great that you can do all these effects, you know how to do them well. But what sells is stuff that can be marketed. In order to be marketed you have to suggest a use for each effect. That can be done by adding more portfolio pieces. Have you done any of these effects for real customers before, or is all this just you having fun and you want to now try and market your skills?

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Another thing to do is to search for other gigs that are similar to yours from high rated or positive review sellers. REad their gigs, pay attention to what phtoos they use and then make your gigs better. HEre are some examples…




By doing this you will also see how some other sellers are putting their effects they can do to use for something that is sellable. But do not copy, just get ideas for yourself and do your own things then.

Look at some of these to get ideas about your Orgiami text effect. But see how much more dynamic these samples are than yours just being on plain white background? Make a few different samples with different words (or make up company names).


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